PXToolkit (beta)

The Sequential Prophet X allows users to create and distribute their own installable collections of samples. Ideally, every feature the instrument is capable of, including multiple velocity layers per key and sets of round-robin samples chosen at random would be easily accessible to users putting together custom instruments. As of early April 2019, this still wasn't possible.

Enter PXToolkit, an ambitious project to enable instrument creation using every feature supported by the hardware. What follows is a demonstration of the freely available beta build running on macOS:

Every feature shown is fully functional, and additional development has continued since the video was originally recorded. PXToolkit creates installable .zip archives, and the same features shown on macOS work identically in the Windows version. Both are available from the download link at the top of the page.


The following exchange tool place on gearslutz.com shortly after the beta release of PXToolkit:

"I sometimes imagine a world for Prophet X users where Lady Gaia did not buy one and where we would all be right now and I am so thankful it is only something I have to imagine. ~ Mark Thomas Walker

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" ~ @markodarko

"It's like one of those Netflix 'odd horror/sci-fi of the week movies'" ~ @ZT Scheer


Written for macOS and Windows by @LadyGaia. Copyright © 2019.

Thanks to my alpha testers, particularly @blewis_13, @ukvoyager, and @ComposerJK who were able to provide timely feedback leading up to the beta release.


PXToolkit Copyright © 2019. Free for personal use. Write to info@thinkersnacks.com for permission prior to releasing instruments prepared with PXToolkit for commercial purposes.

Remember that audio material is broadly protected by copyright law. Respect the rights of content creators by ensuring that you have the legal right to use any audio material you package using PXToolkit.


ThinkerSnacks.com and the PXToolkit product are not affiliated with the manufacturer of the Prophet X, Sequential LLC. Visit Sequential.com for information on the instrument itself. This software is provided AS IS with no implied warranty. Use at your own risk, knowing that you accept full responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise.