Spitfire Articulation Library

Spitfire Audio's sample libraries make extensive use of keyswitching between articulations. While Apple's Logic Pro X DAW has extensive support for this technique, the process of setting up the required articulation sets is tedious and error-prone. Having done the required work for my own templates, it seemed only natural to share what I came up with.

Articulations are provided in alphabetical order, mapped to the default keyswitches provided by Spitfire Audio. IDs have been kept consistent to allow regions to be dragged between instruments whenever possible. Where more than one instrument uses the same set of articulations the mapping file has been named to indicate which instruments it covers.


These articulation sets are provided AS IS with no implied warranty. Use at your own risk, knowing that you accept full responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise.

Version History


Initial public release for BBCSO v1.2 and Abbey Road: Orchestral Foundations v1.07