The Sequential Prophet X allows users to create and distribute their own installable collections of samples. This powerful capability is somewhat hampered by the fact that only eight user sample groups can be installed, despite having 50GB of space available for samples. It is therefore extremely desirable to be able to combine two or more sample groups into one group prior to installation.

Unfortunately, within each sound category (eg: #15 Synths) the individual loadable sound sets must have sequential numbering starting with "02.", and the numbering is determined at the time the sound set is created from a collection of raw samples. The numbering isn't just captured in the resulting .zip file name but is actually embedded in the form of file names within the encrypted .zip archive.

This utility provides a convenient way to address this problem by not just renaming the archive, but also all of the relevant content within. It can do so without requiring the encryption password due to the relatively weak encryption used in the original .zip format, where the central directory and local filenames are not encrypted, only the contents of individual files.


From either the Windows or macOS command-line (cmd.exe or Terminal.app) type a command following this pattern to invoke the utility:

px-renumber "filename" new-index

The filename must be a valid path to the .zip archive to be renumbered, and the new index should be a number between 2 and 99. For example, on macOS and Windows respectively this might look like either:

px-renumber "/Users/account/Desktop/02. Drums|Dry Kit.zip" 10


px-renumber "c:\Users\account\Desktop\02. Drums_Dry Kit.zip" 10


Written for macOS and Windows by @LadyGaia with testing assistance from @ukvoyager and @REwire of the Gearspace.com community.


This utility is provided AS IS with no implied warranty. Use at your own risk, knowing that you accept full responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise.

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